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ADF Automatic Document Feeder. This device, attached to the scanner, frees the operator from positioning each page on the scanner.
CD Compact Disk. Each disk holds about 600 to 700 MegaBytes of information.
Compression The process whereby the raw image is represented with fewer bytes. Both Lossy and Lossless compression schemes are available.
Double-Letter sized Page size that is 11" x 17".
DPI Dots per inch. See Resolution.
Duplex Refers to scanners which scan both sides of a page on a pass through the scanner.
ICR Intelligent Character Recognition. Same as OCR but implies information other than the pixels in the image can be used to increase accuracy.
IPM Images per minute. Refers to the number of images the scanner can produce from a double-sided page.
Legal sized Page size that is 8.5" x 14".
Letter sized Page size that is 8.5" x 11".
Lossless No information is lost compressing a raw image file. CCITT4 is one lossless compression scheme.
Lossy Some information from the raw image is lost in an effort to minimize file size. JPEG is one lossy compression scheme.
OCR Optical Character Recognition. This is the process whereby the image is converted to text and can be edited. Also, see ICR
PDF Portable Document Format. Developed by Adobe to by system independant.
Pixel Also PEL, picture element. The smallest unit of information in an image
PPM Pages per minute. Refers to the number of physical pages the scanner can process in a minute.
Resolution Number of pixels for each inch on the original page. The higher the value, the more detail and the smoother the edges in the image.
Scanner Device used to create a digital representation of information on page of paper
SCSI Small Computer Systems Interface. A card inserted into motherboard of computer to communicate with scanner or other devices.
Simplex Refers to scanners which scan only one side of a page on a pass through the scanner.

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