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1) Why should Discount Document Scanning (DDS) do our scanning for us ?

Not only does DDS provide very competitive pricing but we are very much customer focused so attention to special processing instructions can be addressed.  See what some of our clients have to say at our Testimonial Page.

2) Why should we convert our documents to digital format ?

There may be many reasons for having this work done.  First you can fit over 10,000 black and white images (pages) onto one CD (compact disc).  This allows for the easy transport of files either on CD, Laptop, or over the internet.  In PDF format the documents can be made secure so that they can not be changed or printed.  Also, once a document is in digital format it is easier to manipulate as an image or as an editable document (MS-Word).  Formats like TIFF and PDF can hold more than one page per file and PDF can be made fully searchable or bookmarked.  This is especially helpful in locating text within a large document.  Many have also been anxious to clear out storage space but for legal or archival reasons must keep a copy of the documents.

3) How much does it cost ?

DDS has very aggressive pricing.  Compare our prices to our competitors and I think you will agree.  Call us and will put together a price quote for you.

4) Why Outsource ?

You don't have to make any capital investment or maintenance and repair costs with scanning equipment.  You also will have no staffing or ongoing labour costs.  You will also experience a faster turnaround as we specialize in processing documents.

5) Do you scan books ?

Yes - We have had many publishers come to us to get a book converted to a MS-Word file and some even have us proof-read the text to save them time and effort.  We even have special software we've developed to remove or lessen the effect of aging marks or mold from older books.

Below are a set of links that explain briefly some of the terms and sizes associated with document scanning.


Image Formats

Uncompressed Image Sizes

Page Sizes

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